Break from golf and a post action review.

This is an ability separating small from large, mediocre from great, and innovative from mature businesses. Small companies with leaders disciplined enough to perform these reviews become larger, more successful and more innovative.

Too few business leaders will allow the process to be candidly reviewed and pulled apart for some innate fear. Usually, fear that the process may become a blame game. Or because the leader is only human, not like criticism for themselves or allies within the company.

The key to avoiding this is how the review is framed and managed. What is important is that everyone involved is reminded this is an “adult conversation” and we leave all childhood behaviors outside. This is to be a candid review of the strategy (action etc) and not a performance review. It is important that we learn the process of learning to execute. The leader should maintain this throughout the process. All distractions must be eliminated in this review.

My neighbor and I were just having a conversation about golf. She commented that if she takes a little time off she plays better. Immediately this reminded me that it was true in my game and others I’ve spoken with about golf. My theory is during our weekly habit of golf, there is enough time for bad habits to sneak into our game. If we continue week to week those little bad habits grow into our muscle memory. Unless we stop and assess (hopefully a pro and not a golf buddy) we will perpetuate those habits, make more compensating tweaks and possibly watch our handicap increase.

Post action reviews in business are exactly the same, if we don’t stop to see what bad little habits are developing, our handicap at the office will increase.


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