Coppock Curve Looks Ominous

Coppock Curve 7.31.11

For those who have not heard of the Coppock Curve, it has been among indicators, the most reliable and easy to use identifying major buying opportunities in the stock market. Click on the link above to review the latest data. Buy signals occur when the Coppock Curve upticks from a series of declining readings below the zero line. The reader will see the last buy signal came in April 2009 when the Dow was at 7608.92.

Sell signals have been more elusive. Yet, there is a double top formation in the Curve forming.Reviewing the Coppock Curve going back to 1928, there have been numerous examples of this formation. I will review the four signals since Jan 1970, or the last 41 years 8 months. Click on the link below to review the table of data. The average decline is -23.51% and the average amount of time it took the Dow to reach break-even on a month end basis is 17 months.

Table of Double Top Signals Coppock Curve Since 1970

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