Your Silence Is Hurting Your Company – Nilofer Merchant – Harvard Business Review

Your Silence Is Hurting Your Company – Nilofer Merchant – Harvard Business Review.

This resonated with me for two reasons. One as a young upcoming executive working for Wall Street firms, and two as a consultant working with owners, executive teams to increase enterprise value.

The Wall Street executives would stand up before us at meeting, or broadcast on conference calls and 1) tell us they have defined the problem 2) they have determined the solution 3) as leaders our job is to execute the plan (it should be added there was always the threat ‘if you can’t get it done, we’ll find someone who can’). For all the reasons stated in the HBR article and a couple more, there was limited success.

Working with Executives, Board Members and Owners today I see this not played out as overtly as in my earlier career. There is more of a willingness to have an open mind the farther a person is from Wall Street. Doesn’t mean I haven’t come across this. Many, many times I have found solutions, partial solutions and inspiring ideas from the employees and executives who needed a voice at the table.

I regretted not raising my hand early in my career and asking the emperor why he was naked. Today, as a consultant, I never miss my chance. For me, this is a satisfying career because of that. I am not paid to ignore the truth anymore.


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