Economies of Scope

Economies of Scope. Here is a blog from Tom Spencer reflecting on the economies of scale and scope. Economies of Scale receive a lot of attention. Especially in the world focused on the generic business strategy of cost leadership. For the fragmented industries dominated by the small and medium sized businesses Economies of Scope might be considered in a strategic plan to compete in a crowded market place.


Conflict resolution | Conflict resolution – London Business School BSR

Conflict resolution | Conflict resolution – London Business School BSR.

Interesting insights on conflict management, the organizational oil which keeps us moving forward.

Coppock Curve Update 10.31.11

Through October 31, 2011 even with this month’s market rally the CC data continues its decline. The divergence is still in effect as the market rallies the CC is not. With the rally in place, risk measures around the placement of stops and raising cash continues to make sense.