Where can Avatars replace us humans? Tellers, agents, drive-throughs, box offices, medical receptionists, cashiers, end of the aisle kiosks, restaurants, commoditized services such as car insurance.


Here are some great infographics on the usage of social media by the Fortune 500. With technology being the great equalizer in branding, this opens the door for the SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises)!!

Strategy Plan One

Strategy Plan One

May 22, 2012 

Social Media Statistics

How well are Fortune 500 companies doing in the social media world?  Here’s some more social media statistics on Fortune 500 companies through this Infographic by Go-Gulf web technologies.

Highlights of Fortune 500 companies and integration into social media:

  • Only 23% have corporate blogs, compared to 37% of Inc 500 companies 
  • Majority of blogs centered on consumer goods (clothing, retail, electronics, etc.)
  • 62% have a Twitter account, with Google at the top with 4.8 Million followers
  • 58% have a Facebook page, with Coca-Cola leading with ~ 42 Million likes

social media statistics - Fortune 500 companies

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